Hip-Hop Ink

Comic-book artist Ed Piskor of Munhall, Pa. continues to win critical acclaim and international fame with “Hip-Hop Family Tree.” Ed’s upbringing in Homestead, Pa. during the decline of the steel industry shaped who he has become and is displayed in the graphic novels he produces. Full feature for Pittsburgh Magazine.

Migrant Struggle in Shanghai

Shanghai has become a major international city and the financial capital of China while experiencing tremendous growth over the past few decades. In the midst of this growth, however, are pockets of communities where thousands of people struggle every day to get by. These stories of hardship are particularly common among migrant communities, such as the QiaoJia Zha community in Shanghai.

Bear’d Up

Clairton is typical of the economically depressed communities in the Monongahela Valley, south of Pittsburgh — a mere shadow of the booming industrial community that existed in the heyday of the American steel industry. But the town shakes off the doldrums on Friday nights during the fall to cheer on their Bears. Produced on a team with Katherine Rodriguez and Steve Osborn.

Strong Newspapers, Strong Communities

A look into the state of newspapers in communities across Pennsylvania. Produced while working as the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association’s video fellow.

The Duck Stops Here

Shot for Pittsburgh Magazine, as part of the coverage of Florentijn Hofman’s rubber duck visit to Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh’s Historic Wedding 

Pittsburgh Magazine story covering the officiating of 19 same-sex marriages in Pittsburgh, Pa

Talking to Becca

James Avery is retired and lives just just outside of Gettysburg, Pa. where he spends his time as a ghost storyteller. Avery spends much of his time researching paranormal history through his study of “parageneology,” a term he coined.

Keeping the Standards Fresh

Music always has, and continues to be, the lifeblood for Arthur Goldstein. Whether travelling around California with a rock band fresh out of school, on the Pittsburgh jazz circuit, or picking up any given gig in State College as he has done for the past two decades, Goldstein remains as in love with music as ever before. Even in his late sixties, and after battling health-related issues, Arthur continues to dedicate his life to his music.

Theatre of Politics

Charles Dumas is a Penn State University Professor in the School of Theatre and ran for United States Congress as a Democrat representing the 5th District in Pennsylvania in Fall 2012. The geographically large district includes all or part of seventeen counties and has not been carried by a Democratic in nearly fifty years.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Steel City

The annual St. Patrick’s Day parade is a Pittsburgh tradition attracting as many as 250,000 spectators downtown. Pittsburgh Magazine photo story from the parade.


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