Why the U.S. is not paying much attention to China’s ‘troubling’ debt: The NYT

By John Riedlman, Associated Press U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s new government has been accused of trying to avoid paying interest on its massive debt and has been pressing Beijing to release billions of dollars in bonds that are held in an offshore tax haven.

Britain is also in the process of restructuring a massive $350 billion bailout of the British bank Barclays that was issued by Beijing under the terms of the Beijing’s 2013 “One Belt, One Road” initiative, which seeks to boost economic ties with emerging markets.

The government said it was in talks with Beijing on a debt restructuring package that would involve issuing up to $1.5 trillion in bonds and other debt and would be paid back over a 10-year period, but some observers worry that could put pressure on China to release the loans, which are held overseas, at a time when the world’s second-largest economy is battling a deadly pandemic.

In recent days, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying has repeatedly stressed that the country is “working to settle the outstanding debt” and that the Chinese government “cannot be held responsible” for any harm that might befall the bank.

The U.N. Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has expressed concern about China’s handling of its foreign debt, saying it has “serious concerns about the extent of the debt.”

But Beijing has repeatedly defended its handling of the debts, saying that Beijing is responsible for the debt, which Beijing has said it will repay to the U,S., and other countries, including the European Union.

A spokeswoman for May did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Banks have long sought greater exposure to foreign markets as the world economy recovers from the economic downturn.

The British government, for instance, has pledged to lend $4.7 trillion to help revive the country’s economy, but many banks are struggling to meet the interest payments, which have been piling up over the past several years.

The bank debt that Beijing holds abroad has been called “troubled” by some experts.

China’s government has said that it will help resolve the debt crisis by making a financial payment of about $1 billion per day to the United States and other nations, a deal that some analysts say is too high. But the U

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