Which national Catholic reporters are under scrutiny?

Posted October 06, 2018 07:00:55In the aftermath of the national catholic reporting scandal, this story of a national Catholic reporter’s investigation into a scandal that is affecting thousands of priests in the diocese of Hartford, Conn., is being investigated by the National Catholic Reporter Association.

The National Catholic Reporting Association has been investigating whether a reporter for the Hartford Courant newspaper in Connecticut, Michael Gough, improperly accessed information from a church-affiliated database.

Gough, who is a Pulitzer Prize winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist for his coverage of the crisis, is accused of accessing a confidential church-owned database in order to compile a report that could potentially harm the reputation of priests and the diocesan church.

According to a report from the National Reporter Association, which monitors media ethics, the Hartford Reporter, which is owned by the Hartford Diocese, published the information about priests in May, two months before Gough’s investigation was launched.

The paper has denied any wrongdoing.

The report said that in August and September, the newspaper obtained the names of about 200 priests through the database.

It said the newspaper contacted the Hartford diocese and requested the information be released to the media.

The Hartford Reporter did not respond to a request for comment.

The Associated Press has not independently verified that the Hartford reporter obtained the information, which was provided to the Hartford Observer, a local paper owned by a diocese that has been rocked by the scandal.

In a statement, the National Register of Catholic Clergy said it “is not aware of any evidence that a journalist obtained the name of any priest through the Hartford Register.”

The group said the reporter was fired for violating its code of ethics.

The Register did not immediately respond to multiple requests for comment from the AP.

In its report, the association said the Hartford newspaper had received a number of complaints from priests about the Hartford paper’s coverage.

It also said it has had complaints about Gough from other priests in Hartford and from the diuocese.

The national catholics, the Associated Press said, have “reported numerous cases of journalists and other sources, including reporters, accessing confidential information in the name and identity of clergy members in a manner that is unethical, immoral, and against the dignity of the clergy.”

The Hartford dioceses has issued a statement saying it has been “investigating allegations of inappropriate conduct.”

The statement also said that Gough was fired from the paper because of the inappropriate conduct.

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