Shelby County reporter: Free car report ‘skeptical’

A free car report released this week by Shelby County Public Radio, however, appears to be skeptical about the report’s findings.

The Shelby County Reporter’s Report, which is available online, was created by Shelby’s county auditor, Steve Novelly, and his team to make the county’s annual financial reports available to the public.

The report provides a breakdown of the county in 2016 by county revenue, but it does not present any specific breakdown of expenditures for the county.

It simply says, “The Shelby General Assembly has authorized the use of public records for the purpose of conducting an analysis of the County’s financial position.”

The report states that it was not available in 2015, so Novell did not have the data he requested.

He has since been able to obtain it through Shelby County records.

Novell told The Associated Press that his team made a “complete, accurate, thorough analysis” of the report.

He said the report is not a government audit, and there are no conflicts of interest involved in its preparation.

The report does not contain any financial disclosure or analysis of other county government data, he said.

The release of the Shelby County Report comes amid a growing push by conservatives to scrutinize Shelby County’s finances.

The conservative-leaning Citizens for a Better Shelby, which launched a petition drive to remove the auditor general from office, filed a complaint this week with the federal government accusing him of fraud and misconduct.

Shelby County has been under scrutiny for years over its spending on schools, public safety and other priorities.

The auditor general has said the county has “no financial problem” and that the county did not spend more than $9 million on legal fees related to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union over its use of force policy in the wake of the 2012 school shooting in Oak Cliff, Texas.

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