When a woman lost her life, the media went berserk, says author

When a female journalist lost her career, the press corps went beringerk, with one writer calling it a “shameful” act.

The incident occurred at the start of the 2016 presidential election, when the reporter, who was covering Donald Trump, was in the midst of a lengthy assignment when she went into cardiac arrest, the CBC reported.

“It was a very shocking event for me and for all of us at The Associated Press, because that was the first time I had been seriously ill and I had never been in this position before,” said The Associated White House Correspondents Association, which represents AP journalists.

“We will never forget the fear and the grief that it caused, and for me, it was very difficult to even look at that. “

“The whole world was stunned. “

That’s the way it was, and we’re all still traumatized from that experience.” “

The whole world was stunned.

That’s the way it was, and we’re all still traumatized from that experience.”

Trump later called the incident “very sad and very unfortunate.”

But The Associated General Counsel for The White House Office of Press Complaints and Standards said in a statement that the woman was “in no way, shape or form” responsible for the death of the journalist.

“AP is saddened by this incident and takes the issue very seriously,” said spokesman Matthew Wright.

“All of our staff have been told that AP has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment in the workplace and this was an instance where a colleague reported to the AP that she was assaulted by a colleague, which is what the complainant reported to AP.”

The Associated House Press Association, meanwhile, said it was “deeply saddened” by the incident.

“As a national organization, AP does not tolerate the sexual harassment of our employees,” it said in its statement.

The woman was working as a correspondent for AP at the time. “

However, we are deeply saddened by the death and will work closely with the investigation team to determine what occurred.”

The woman was working as a correspondent for AP at the time.

The Associated New Hampshire Democratic Committee also called for an investigation, saying “this incident raises serious questions about the conduct of the White House press secretary and others.”

But it said “we believe the AP should do its own investigation.”

“The president’s response to the crisis in Charlottesville was shameful and dangerous, and his failure to speak out against the violence on both sides of the conflict will only further damage the nation,” the committee said in an open letter.

“If there is any truth to this incident, the White Houses press office should not be allowed to use the AP as a shield from criticism, but instead, should publicly condemn this violence and its hateful perpetrators.”

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