When WWE wrestles for the title, the title belongs to a former wrestler

On Wednesday, the WWE released the results of a study looking at the past performance of its WWE Divas and Smashers.

Among the results: In fact, in terms of wins, losses and overall WWE record, there is one name that stands above all of the other divas: former WWE Diva Sasha Banks.

The study found that Sasha Banks won eight of the past nine Divas championships.

The first three Divas titles belonged to the women’s division, but in 2010, Banks had a strong run.

During that time, she captured the title and the title of Intercontinental Champion, the same title she holds today.

This year, she won the Intercontinental title and became the first woman to hold both the Intercenders and Divas Titles.

“The fact that Sasha has won three Diva titles in the past 10 years shows just how hard she has worked to achieve success in WWE,” WWE Vice President of Talent Relations, Rob Van Dam, said in a statement.

“Sasha has proven she has a lot to offer as a wrestler, and we look forward to seeing what she brings to WWE next.”

The study also found that women in the WWE had a better overall record than men, and that they won more matches.

“When you look at the results, women have had the best overall record in the company over the past decade, and have been winning the majority of their matches at a higher level than their male counterparts,” said Rob Van den Ham.

“This is a testament to Sasha’s hard work, dedication and passion for WWE, and how she has continued to grow as a performer and champion.”

The results of the study also showed that female Divas have a better chance of making it to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship than male Divas.

For the women, the odds of making the WWE Championship are a little higher than the odds for men.

According to the study, a woman would need to win the title by winning the next seven matches of the current title tournament.

The next eight matches would then be held over a four-year period.

That would give her a 10-match win streak to start the championship period.

If she wins all eight matches, she would then qualify for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

For women, that would give them a record of 29-0-1 with six titles to their name.

The Women’s Championship is considered to be one of the most prestigious titles in professional wrestling.

There are two main divisions of women in WWE, the Women’s Tag Team Division and the Women, Eliminators Division.

The women’s tag team division, which is run by Sasha Banks, is comprised of women who have competed in two WWE Divisions: the Divas Championship and the Intertitle Title.

The Divas division, meanwhile, is dominated by the Women of Honor.

There is a separate Divas Division for the women that has a larger number of women competing in the Diva division, and the Divacenders, which has only two women competing.

For Sasha Banks and many other women who competed in the Womens Division, the success of the Divaktion was not as easy as it seemed.

The success of both divisions was largely determined by who was able to perform at the highest level.

In fact the division itself was so hard to beat that the Divachners would often have to fight for their titles in matches against the other Divas in the division, in order to be considered to make the championship.

This was also the case for the Divashtion, where Sasha Banks would often face a very tough opponent in the other women in her division.

Banks would also be competing in matches that she had never won before, such as against the likes of Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks’ childhood friend.

The matches were often intense and grueling.

Banks has said that the most difficult part about working in the women in women’s divisions was being a female in a men’s division.

The only people who could challenge Sasha Banks in those matches were the Divchners, who were always looking to outdo each other.

“It was just really hard.

It was so tough to be a female wrestler in the men’s divisions.

It really was,” said Sasha Banks on her recent podcast.

“That’s what made me want to make that jump to the Women.”

After Sasha Banks debuted in the wrestling business, she began her journey of becoming a superstar.

She went on to become a multi-time Diva Champion, winning two Divas Championships in a row, as well as the Interweight Championship in 2007.

After being signed to WWE in 2011, Sasha began a run that would see her win six Divas World Titles and the World Heavy Weight Title.

Sasha Banks has also worked in the ring and on television as a professional wrestler and trainer.

For her, the greatest thing about wrestling is being able to put on a show, which she said is what she has done since she began wrestling

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