Surfers call 911 after ‘snowstorm’ sweeps coast

A wave of snow and wind swept through the U.S. early Friday, knocking out power and forcing authorities to shut down the nation’s largest electrical transmission system.

Officials at the Los Angeles County Fire Department said they had received a call around 3:30 a.m.

Friday reporting a storm surge and the agency shut down all power lines in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

A wave of wind knocked out power lines, forcing authorities at the L.A. County Fire and Police Departments to shut all powerlines in Los.

and Ventura.

Firefighters were unable to reopen service to the Westside neighborhoods of Hollywood, Burbank and the Westwood area.

The storm caused about $100 million in damage in Ventura and Los Angeles counties, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said.

The National Weather Service reported the storm could cause more than $300 million in damages to California.

A spokesman for the California Department of Water Resources said that power outages were caused by a snow storm.

He said the storms surge was a result of the melting of snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The snowpack is a large, slow-moving river system that feeds water from the Pacific to the coast.

Officials also shut down a transmission line in Los Feliz, which runs from the coast to the East Bay.

The transmission line has been closed to prevent snowfall.

Officials from Southern California Edison said that the utility was also forced to temporarily shut down some power lines to prevent the transmission system from going out of service.

A utility worker said that they had to work to get power back on Friday morning, the San Diego Union Tribune reported.

The company said that it was working to restore power and restore power to affected areas.

A large amount of snow is expected to fall over the coming days, with heavy snow and high winds expected throughout the region.

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