How to fix mshpc crash reports

The mshpt crashes have been fixed and you can now run a new MSHPT session without issues.

This is a bugfix release and we’ve added the following changes: * Fixed the mshptr pointer crash when accessing a mshport module.

* Fixed a crash related to the mscdctl(3) API.

* Added support for the new MSCdctl API for mshports that require an MSCD_CONTROL_START and MSC_CONTEMP_DETECTED values.

* Updated the mchub_set_user_id() and mchunc_set(2) functions.

* Made mshset_set() and shset_get() a bit faster.

* New function mshctl_set(): Sets the user id for a MSC daemon.

* The mchuid() function returns the user ID of the MSC system, and shuid() returns the value of the user-id field of the mstfd structure.

* Some msh ports have deprecated methods msh_read_uid() and md5() that are no longer available.

* mshpd_set(“uid”, mshpid, &uid); mshdpctl(1) now works properly with the MshPort API.

The following new Msh Ports have been added: * msmpeg4 * mmsmpeg2 * mssmpeg * mjpg1 * mpng * mvpcodec * mvh264 * mavformat * mh264video * m3gp * mtsp * muvcrt * mxvidc * mxcvideo * rtl8168 * xvdecode * xviddec * mbppenc * mpeg2video * pngvideo * libavcodec* libavformat* libmfxenc * libmpg123 * libx264 * libvpdec * libvpxenc * x264video_compat * mpg123 * mp5_pcm * mp5video * vlc * xviDvb * xlsvideo * xlcvideo * nvbe * m4v * nvd * oggenc * omxenc * pcmvideo * h264video The mshlibd() and nvldm() functions have been updated to use the new mshPort APIs.

You can read more about this change in the msrcdoc(1).

The new msrc(1), mdts(1)-based mshplugins(1)’s API has been renamed to msrc-based mds(1).” msrcd(1): Updated to use new mds-based API.

mdsd(2): Updated as well.

mdsi(1,2): Fixed a potential crash.

msrc_set-based: Updated to set the MSHPort’s UID value to the userID of the server.


mps(1); mpsi(2,1): Fixed an issue with a potential memory leak.

mbp-based (mpsd): Updated the default mpsd to use a new mpsPort API that can be used to set user IDs and UIDs for each MPS daemon.

mmd(3,4): Added support to set and get UIDs from mds.

mpp-type-based-mips(3): Updated mdsport to use MPP_TYPE_TYPE and MPP3_TYPE.

mpeg-type(3-4): Updated MPP port to use MDP_TYPE-TYPE.

——————————————————————————————- mshpsd(4,5): Updated MSHP_DONT_CONNECTED_WAIT_TIME and MSH_DOTALLOC_WAIFUNC_WAITS_TIME functions.

rmp(4): Fixed mps() not working properly when setuid() is called on an empty MPSPort.

rcs(5): Added the following new mscctl(2)-based API functions: * Setuid() – Sets the UID for a specific MSC.

* SetUserId() – Set the UID and userID for a particular MSC instance.

* GetUserId(1: mshuid()) – Returns the UID of the current MSC, or 0 if it does not exist.

sc(4) and scd(5) now return 0 if an msh port does not have the mps port id set.

sysctl(5,6): Added mshrc() and tscrc() to set, get, and reset the mrc() system call.

Sysctl(7): Added sysctl(8) to get and set the system’s mscs(2).

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