What happens when a team’s head coach is fired

In a world where a team is officially disbanded, it’s no surprise that teams are willing to shed a coach’s job.

But in the case of the Carolina Panthers, it was not a quick and easy move.

According to Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, the team was not interested in hiring a head coach who would leave for a job that would pay him less.

After all, the Panthers had a history of not keeping good coaches around.

They fired the head coach of the Buffalo Bills in 2007 and fired the coach of Philadelphia Eagles in 2012.

And the Bills were reportedly interested in moving on from Mike Tannenbaum, the man who had the Panthers win the Super Bowl a year later.

Richardson also made clear that the Panthers were not willing to offer a contract extension to head coach Ron Rivera.

In other words, they weren’t willing to let Rivera go.

When Richardson and general manager Dave Gettleman parted ways in late January, they had a number of names on their wish list.

They had former NFL players like Joe Haden, and they had former college players like Steve Smith.

They were also looking to bring in a head of operations who could help them find talent, and those people all had their jobs on the line.

That’s when Richardson made his statement: The Panthers wanted to take a look at Jerry Richardson as the best candidate to replace Ron Rivera, and Jerry Richardson was the best person for the job.

As Richardson said to reporters: There’s been a lot of speculation and a lot that has been blown out of proportion.

And that’s why I made this statement today: I made the statement because I believe that Jerry Richardson is the best coach in the history of Carolina Panthers.

And I have no hesitation in saying that.

After the Panthers made a decision to fire Rivera and move on from him, they fired Gettlem, who had been a strong candidate for the position.

Now, the organization will have to find someone else to replace him, and it’s not the first time that the team has looked to someone who had no NFL experience to lead the Panthers.

It’s been in the works for years.

In 2013, the Patriots hired a former player and current head coach to replace Tom Brady.

That hire was made by the Patriots’ general manager, who also happens to be a former Panthers offensive coordinator, Matt Patricia.

Patricia has also been the head of the Cleveland Browns’ scouting department since 2007.

It was at the end of last season, when Patricia was hired as the head coaching candidate for Washington, that Richardson was put forward as a candidate to take over as the Panthers head coach.

The first few weeks of the offseason were filled with speculation about the Panthers coaching search.

Many believed that the new regime was going to be more of a rebuild than a rebuild.

The Panthers are known for having some talented young players, but many believed that there were not enough veteran players around to keep the Panthers competitive for long.

As one Panthers fan put it: Carolina needs a veteran head coach that knows how to lead, not a new guy who just got a head coaching job.

The team made a bold move in the offseason by signing veteran defensive tackle Charles Johnson, and that move was seen by many as an attempt to address that.

But Johnson has struggled with injuries in recent years, and the team’s inability to sign a long-term replacement to replace Rivera could mean that the Carolina defense may not be as deep as it used to be.

The biggest problem facing the Panthers at the moment is their coaching staff.

They need to find a new head coach quickly to keep this team competitive for a long time.

If Richardson is able to turn the Panthers around, the hope is that he can make them even better.

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