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article 10/16/2018 12:42:08 The New York Times on Monday published a new Times op-ed by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Amy Chozick that called out the media’s focus on President Donald Trump and the Trump campaign for its failures and its complicity in “fake news.”

Chozik was the first Times reporter to write a op-ing since former Times columnist Matt Apuzzo resigned amid sexual harassment allegations in January.

In the op-age article, Chozink argued that the Times and other news organizations, including the New York Post and USA Today, had become too focused on Trump, a former reality television star, and his presidency, and not enough on what they could do to fight back against the spread of fake news.

The Times editorial board and its newsroom have made strides to combat fake news in recent months.

But Chozack argued that, even with a more rigorous effort, fake news would likely remain a persistent problem in the future.

“The Trump presidency was an aberration.

But it was not an aberrant,” Chozck wrote.

“It was a very particular aberration that has continued for far too long.

It is not just a failure of American journalism; it is a failure not only of journalism itself, but of the American way of life.”

The op-al began with a chart of the number of fake stories published by the Times since January.

The chart showed a steady decline from October to December.

Then, it listed stories that had been debunked by social media outlets and by the paper’s own fact checkers.

“On March 9, 2018, a reporter who had worked for The Times for more than two decades told The Times’s fact-checkers he was told to change the name of an article on his story to ‘fake news’ in response to the story, which had been retracted,” the op continued.

“This story was not retracted, and The Times has retracted it.

We have since removed the word ‘fake’ from the headline of this story.

The Washington Post has taken down two stories on the same day, one of which was based on a false allegation made by an unnamed source.

But the New Yorker has not removed its fake news article from its website.

On March 16, 2018 the New Orleans Times-Picayune published a story based on the false allegations of a former police officer named Alton Sterling, who died at the hands of a Baton Rouge officer.

The story was retracted.

But on April 1, the paper published a similar article about a woman named Michelle Jones, who was arrested and charged with murdering a black man in Cleveland.

It has since been reinstated by The Times, The Post and other outlets.

The op then included a list of stories the Times itself had retracted.

A similar problem exists with the Post and its Facebook page, she added. “

In January, we wrote about how the Times could have handled the spread and the persistence of fake-news stories better by making it easier for readers to flag these stories and flag the stories they knew were fake, but we also wrote about the Times not making it easy to flag false stories that were circulating and how the story was eventually pulled from the website,” she wrote.

A similar problem exists with the Post and its Facebook page, she added.

“A year ago, we published a post on how the Post could do better when it came to fake news reporting.

And we said that we had a real problem when we did not have a clear policy on the topic and the Post had not done a good job of reporting the problem,” Chuzick wrote.

The article went on to say that the Trump presidency “had been an aberiation.”

“But it was an very particular and specific aberration, which has continued to this day,” she said.

The piece ended with the following: “The newsroom at The New Yorker is making a concerted effort to fight fake news, and we are taking swift action to do so.

We are also actively taking steps to make sure our content is as fact-checked as it can be.” “

We have also taken down a number of stories that have been retracted by our fact-checking team.

We are also actively taking steps to make sure our content is as fact-checked as it can be.”

The article also cited stories about how some people are using social media to spread false stories and how it was “important to ensure our team could identify them and stop them from spreading.”

Choskick, who previously worked for the Washington Post, said the article is not intended to disparage the Times or its employees.

She added that her job is not to decide who to report to, but to report the news.

“I am not a judge or a prosecutor.

I am not looking to be someone who has to decide what is right or wrong

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