What is the jobless claims rate in Canada?

What’s your jobless claim rate?

The Bureau of Labour Statistics has posted its latest report on jobless rates for Canada.

The unemployment rate for March was 4.7 per cent, which was the lowest since March 2009.

This was the smallest decrease since November, 2016, when the rate was 3.6 per cent.

However, the unemployment rate remained unchanged for April.

The rate for May is now 4.9 per cent which is also the lowest rate since March.

In comparison, in April, Canada’s unemployment rate was 5.9 percent.

While unemployment is still high in Canada, it is down from a peak of 8.3 per cent in January of this year.

What is a jobless claimant?

A jobless person is someone who has lost their job because of a change in their job status.

In the last 12 months, more than 100,000 people lost their jobs, according to Statistics Canada.

However that is still a low number of claimants, especially compared to the number of people who lost their positions.

The number of unemployed is expected to grow in the coming years.

As the economy continues to recover from the economic downturn, the number will grow, too.

There are many reasons why people are seeking work.

Some may be unemployed because of the recession, and others may be job seekers looking for a change of pace or they are looking for work that doesn’t require a degree.

For example, people in the service industry are particularly vulnerable to losing their jobs because they often work long hours.

They may be unable to find a new job that offers a better wage or benefits package.

A number of factors are at play when people seek work, but the unemployment figures provide a useful baseline for understanding what is going on in the labour market.

It is important to remember that job seekers are people who want to work, and many of them are looking to find work that pays better than their current job.

The BLS also looks at factors like age and education.

They also look at whether someone is in employment or looking for part-time work.

The jobless rate is a measure of whether or not people are actively looking for new jobs.

They are a proxy for how much people are looking.

If people are not actively looking, it means they are not looking.

This could mean they are working part- time or looking to take a few months off.

If they are actively searching, they are likely looking for the right job.

However the rate does not take into account people who are in the military or are looking solely for part time work.

Statistics Canada has a number of other data to look at, such as whether or the claimant has a job or is looking for full-time employment.

There also are data points that can help you make sense of the figures.

For instance, if someone is not in the workforce, they may not be looking for employment, but they are still in the labor force.

It could mean that they are on temporary contracts or are part-timers.

It also means they may have stopped looking for jobs or have stopped seeking full- time work because they are busy with their own lives.

There is also a question about how much time people are actually in the job market, and how many of those people are employed.

This is particularly important when looking at people who have been looking for long-term work.

It can mean they may be out of the labor market for a long period of time and therefore, are not counted as unemployed.

It might also mean that someone is out of work for a longer period of period.

This might be due to a medical condition, job loss, or other circumstances.

The Statistics Canada Jobless Claims Survey collects data from over 8,000 businesses.

This data is used to calculate unemployment statistics.

It was launched in 2008.

The survey collects data on the employment status of Canadians who are seeking employment.

The data includes the following information: The age of the claimant

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