How did the ABC News ratings compare to the SBS News Breakfast program?

In the weeks since the ABC announced its decision to close the ABC Radio One morning news program, the news channel’s audience has remained relatively flat.

But the numbers for the ABC’s News Breakfast and News 24 shows have both risen, both at home and abroad.

For instance, on the first day of the program’s 2016-17 season, News 24’s audience grew by 4 per cent, while the audience for the main ABC News Breakfast show rose by 6 per cent.

However, both show ratings have declined since then, with the ABCs News Breakfast down 6 per, and News 23 down 12 per.

“We’ve always said the News Breakfast shows were our priority and we didn’t think there was a reason to cut them, but we have to say we’re still disappointed with the results,” ABC managing director David Smith said in a statement.

It’s unclear why News 24 has experienced a drop in audience since it started broadcasting in March.

A review by the ABC found that while the program had not lost viewers since it first aired in 2014, it was losing audience in all regions of the country and it was experiencing a dip in audience in the state of Victoria.

News 24’s viewership peaked at 1.3 million on January 5, 2018, and it peaked at 2.7 million on December 15, 2017.

The review found that News 24 had lost more than 10 million listeners over the previous three years, and that this loss in listeners was not just in Victoria.

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