Fish stocks are booming in Delaware’s eastern waters as winter storms continue to hammer the region

Fish stocks in the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay region are booming, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The Delaware Fish and Game Commission reported that total catches for the 2017 season were up 9 percent from 2016, according the Associated Press.

That’s the first time the agency has reported the total number of fish in Delaware, which is the largest state in the union.

The state is also home to more than 2,300 miles of coastline.

This season, the Delaware has recorded a total of nearly 6,000 pounds of fish, according TOI.

That compares to more of a 6,800-pound total in 2016.

The agency said it has not released numbers for 2017 yet.

The number of people who caught fish this year was up 16 percent from the 2016 season.

The agency reported that about 5 percent of Delaware’s total catch in 2017 came from the western Delaware.

The western Delaware is home to about 10 percent of the state’s fisheries.

The state also recorded more fish in the eastern Delaware than the western.

The eastern Delaware is the biggest fish-rich area in the state.

The Eastern Delaware Fishery Commission reported in 2017 that the eastern seaboard was the largest catch of Atlantic bluefish, a species of large bluefish.

The eastern seabaill is the easternmost of the Atlantic bluefin tuna, which are used in a lot of fish dishes.

It’s a common source of income for many people in Delaware.

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