What we know about the missing man in the crash of a Russian passenger jet

The crash of Russian passenger plane Kogalymavia on March 27 killed all 224 people on board, including the captain, and left the world wondering what had happened to the plane.

Now, we know the story behind the tragedy: An explosive decompression chamber was found in a cabin on the plane, and investigators are trying to determine how it exploded.

But some experts and former government officials say that the investigation may never reach a conclusion.

The explosion that killed all aboard also ignited a fire that caused the plane to crash.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has refused to confirm that the decompression room is where the explosion occurred, and a former government official said investigators have no way of knowing whether the fire started from a fuel fire or a fire caused by the explosion.

“The explosive decompressive chamber that we found is the first piece of evidence that points to the possibility that the plane was brought down by the fire that occurred inside the engine compartment of the plane,” the former official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still ongoing.

The former official, who worked as a Russian prosecutor, said investigators are currently in the process of analyzing the decompressive data and determining the cause of the explosion, but that there is no evidence that the chamber was the cause.

In a statement, the Investigative Committee said it had conducted “the investigation according to all applicable laws and regulations, and the results of the investigation are in the hands of the investigators.”

Investigators are also trying to find out what caused the fire, which killed all onboard and destroyed the plane’s engines.

“At this time, it is impossible to determine whether the cause is the fire itself or the combustion of the fuel or other causes,” the statement said.

The Investigative Committee was formed by Russia’s federal law enforcement agency, the Federal Security Service, in 2009, and is the main investigative body in the country’s civil aviation agency, Roscosmos.

Officials have said there is evidence the plane may have been brought down from a terrorist attack.

Authorities are still trying to figure out exactly what caused a fire on the engine, but they are trying hard to determine if the fuel was the main cause, the former government source said.

Investigators are trying not to speculate on what caused what, because they know it is a very complex case.

“If they have evidence that a terrorist organization or a criminal group is responsible, then we need to be able to investigate that and get to the bottom of it,” the source said, referring to the Islamic State group.

“We don’t know if it was the fire or the explosive decompressor chamber.”

Russia has been accused of repeatedly flouting international aviation laws by repeatedly banning the use of explosives on planes.

Russia banned the use or transfer of explosive devices in the air for more than a decade, and officials have said they would continue to ban such devices.

The International Civil Aviation Organization, which regulates aviation in the world, has been working with Russian authorities to regulate explosives since 2014.

The Organization is also expected to hold a summit on Monday with representatives of the Russian civil aviation authority and representatives of aviation companies to try to find a way to regulate the use and transfer of explosives in the skies.

Russia also has a history of not cooperating with the International Civil Air Transport Association, the global aviation trade group, which represents airlines around the world.

Russia has repeatedly said that it will allow international aviation to continue.

Russian authorities have also repeatedly accused the United States of interfering in their investigations and say the United State and the European Union are seeking to interfere in their own probes.

But the United Nations has said Russia is a “non-member observer state,” which means it cannot be forced to participate in an investigation.

The crash occurred when the plane made a turn at high speed and then lost altitude, said Vladimir Chizhov, a former head of the National Center for Safety and Security of the Ministry of Defense and an expert on Russian military aviation.

“It was so fast, so far, that it was impossible to keep track of it and stop it,” he said.

Chizhov said the plane should have been able to fly to a safe landing, but the engine failed to start.

Investigators are trying for any clues that might help them solve the mystery of what caused Kogalsy to make the wrong turn.

“They want to know how it started and who brought it down, so that they can find the cause,” Chizheim said.

“So far, the only things that have been found are the decompressor chambers.

That means the fuel fire was ignited from inside the engines.”

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