How to fix your commute from Hollywood to Hollywood

In the past, people used to drive to the LA airport from Hollywood for their commute, a trip that usually took less than an hour.

Now, though, they are doing it from the airport, a feat that was once possible only in the past.

“The city is catching up to its technology and making it so that people can take the bus and the subway and get to work and the office without a car,” said Tom Hirschfeld, a professor of transportation studies at UCLA.

In addition to the Los Angeles International Airport, the airport and the Los Feliz and Los Angeles Metro systems serve more than 4 million people in the area.

The Los Angeles Regional Transportation Authority, which runs the LA Metro, said more than 5 million people ride Metro each weekday.

Hirschfeld says Los Angeles is making up ground on other cities in the region, like San Francisco and Washington, D.C., where commuters are already using public transportation.

But he says LA is still behind many of its neighbors in terms of its public transportation network.

The city has a bus system that is faster than most in the country, he said.

It’s also the only major city in the U.S. that offers free, subsidized transit.

Hudson says that has not changed over the past few years, either.

He says the city’s bus network is better than the region’s and that its rapid transit is more reliable.

But that’s not to say the region isn’t trying to catch up.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently announced a $1 billion capital improvement program that aims to expand the region to 25 million people by 2023.

That’s a long way off, but it’s something.

Hoping to catch-up with the rest of the nation, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission is working on a $3.5 billion program to upgrade the city bus system and make it more accessible and reliable.

Hirschfield says that should help spur more riders to use public transit.

But Hirschbaum warns that LA’s public transit system still lags far behind many other cities, especially in the West.

And there are concerns about the pace of upgrades that will help catch up with the region.

For example, the MTA is in the middle of a $2.5 million pilot project to expand its bus network to 30 million riders, including more stops at stations.

The agency also is working to upgrade some bus routes.

But some worry the new improvements won’t happen fast enough, and riders may not take the time to ride the new system.

“It’s hard to find a bus that doesn’t have some kind of safety issues,” Hudson said.

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