How to avoid being a victim of a cowboy injury report

A new report from the University of Western Australia shows that while there have been more cowboys injured than injured in the national average in the past decade, only about half of those injured have been reported to the police.

The report was produced to highlight the lack of data available for cowboys and their victims.

The researchers looked at data from the WA Police’s Fatal Offences Database from the year 2010.

The data is compiled from coronial records, the NSW and NT coronial registers and the WA Health Registry, which contains information about injuries to people who were at a venue for a funeral or funeral service.

There is also a national database which covers people who died as a result of alcohol-related causes in 2014.

Dr Chris Wren, from the Centre for Crime Prevention and Statistics, said cowboys were the “biggest victims” of the alcohol industry.

“There’s not a lot of research on cowboys’ health and well-being and the number of people who have died as result of a horse accident in Western Australia is pretty low,” Dr Wren said.

“We just don’t know enough about them and what they’re like to be exposed to and what the consequences of exposure to these events are.”

Dr Wreden said while the number and severity of injuries was low, the frequency of injuries to cowboys was high.

“If we can understand that the vast majority of those incidents are not being reported to police, that could help us to understand what’s happening and what’s going on,” he said.

The study also looked at cowboys with injuries to their heads and neck.

It found the majority of cases of injury to cowards’ heads were caused by the rider’s headgear.

However, the researchers said it was possible that riders wearing headgear may not be reporting the injuries to police because they were unaware of the risks.

“It may be that they’re not aware that it could be an accident and that they don’t want to get into a legal situation,” Dr Wynder said.

In 2015, a rider died in Western Victoria after being hit by a car while riding a cow in a busy shopping area of Melbourne’s CBD.

The rider was later found to have been riding his horse under the influence of alcohol.

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