Why I’m not scared to report on this story

A fishing trip to a lake in the US state of Minnesota has left me with a new fear, and it comes from a source who was in the water with the fishermen.

Catherine Marshall reports on the dangers of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

She says that in the past year, there have been multiple reports of fishermen becoming entangled in nets and fishing equipment, and that many of those incidents have been reported by fishermen themselves.

Ms Marshall reports that on one of those occasions, she saw a man and his wife fishing in a lake near St. Cloud, Minnesota.

They were using a small net to pull a fishing line through a net.

“And then I looked down and there was this guy with a hook in his hand, the bottom of his hand sticking out the bottom,” she said.

It was then that Ms Marshall says she recognised the man as a man she had met years earlier, when he was fishing in St. Paul, Minnesota, back in 2012.

The two had been fishing in an area known as the Minnesota Gulf.

“He said, ‘Oh, this is the Minnesota gulf, I’m in St Paul right now.’

And I said, I was in St Louis too, and we had been out here fishing,” she told ABC News.

According to Ms Marshall, the man pulled out his fishing pole and began fishing for crab.

When she approached the man, she says she heard him shout, “You better get out of here!”

She said the man was not cooperative and said he had a fishing license, but Ms Marshall said the fishing license had expired.

And she says the man then grabbed the fishing pole, which she says was on his lap, and began to walk away.

Eventually, Ms Marshall managed to stop the man and retrieve the fishing line, which was tangled in a net and was about to fall off the man’s back.

She then approached the scene of the accident, where she saw the man had pulled the fishing hook out of the pole and was swinging it in a circle.

Then, she said, she watched him grab the hook and begin to pull the hook into the net with the net still hanging in the air.

Ms Marshall said she was in shock and was very shocked.

At the time, she was still unaware that this man had a hunting license, and she said she thought it was just a silly prank.

ABC News’ Victoria D’Amato contributed to this report.


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