Free Vin Report: The ‘Ridiculous’ ‘Kobe’ Affair Cast Member Was Paid $2,000 to Be a ‘Minority Report’ Cast Member

Free Vin Reports has obtained a report from the California Department of Industrial Relations that outlines the “Kobe” investigation and the subsequent allegations of sexual harassment against a cast member.

The report, titled “Koji Yamamoto, an actor and comedian who appeared on ‘Kobeyor Productions’ on the FX network, was paid $2.3 million by the California Dept. of Industrial Rights and Labor (DILL) to appear in an ad campaign for a health and wellness insurance policy from one of the largest health insurance companies in California,” reads the report.

“In addition, he received $1.3-million in salary from the company in 2012.

The total compensation package was $2 million.

It is not known what the employment relationship was between Mr. Yamamoto and the company.”

The report goes on to note that Yamamoto was never paid for his work as an actor on “Kobezan” and that the actor was never offered a job on “The Simpsons.”

The report also notes that Yamasaki did not sign any employment agreements and that Yamazaki “did not have any prior employment experience.”DILLR, a division of the Department of Labor, handles cases involving alleged discrimination and retaliation against employees.

The agency has previously investigated allegations that actor Chris Rock was fired from the network after the network reported that he sexually harassed a woman and an actress.

It has also been reported that actor Billy Eichner was fired for allegedly sexually harassing a female producer.

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