How to help a distressed family member get help after a deadly 911 call

When a caller called 911 with a worried voice, the dispatcher tried to comfort the caller.

But that didn’t help the caller, so the dispatcher decided to try something new.

The dispatcher asked the caller to leave the phone at the emergency room and go inside.

“The 911 operator is really kind of upset because you’re being a little bit disrespectful,” the dispatcher said.

“It’s really, really hard to get through to somebody that’s been a victim of crime, and he has a really strong heart.”

The dispatcher tried several methods to get the caller outside, but the caller never left.

After getting outside and talking with the dispatcher for a bit, the caller finally decided to leave.

“This caller is so distraught, he just wants to leave,” the 911 dispatcher said as he handed the caller a copy of the 911 dispatch report.

“He’s really distraught because he has been robbed, and his house has been burglarized.

He’s very concerned.”

The caller didn’t realize he’d been targeted by the police until he got home.

After he got inside, he found the woman who had been hit by the car, was in a hospital and was missing a leg.

She’d been robbed at gunpoint and taken to a hospital with injuries to her arms and legs.

She had also been shot in the face, and the gun used in the attack had been recovered.

Police arrested and charged the woman and the man they thought had stolen her purse.

The man was not arrested and is being held without bail.

But he is being charged with first-degree murder in connection with the woman’s death and the attempted murder of the woman.

“She was just in a great condition, she was in good condition, and she had no injuries,” Sgt. Doug Cawley, a Toronto police spokesperson, said.

Cawry said the investigation was continuing into the possible motive behind the shooting.

“We do believe that there is a link to some other crime, to some crime, so we’re going to continue to look into it,” Cawy said.

The 911 dispatch incident was just one of many that police are investigating in Toronto after a series of high-profile police shootings.

There were more than 100 shooting incidents in Toronto between June 2014 and August 2015, and police responded to more than 400 calls about crime or public safety issues.

There are many other calls that police have received, including calls about the deaths of a person, a vehicle, or a police vehicle.

Some of those calls have been referred to the Toronto Police Service, which has begun to investigate some of the calls.

In August, police arrested a man after they found him with a loaded gun in a car near Finch Avenue and King Street East.

The investigation into that case is ongoing.

Toronto police said it is also investigating a shooting in the city’s east end in which a man shot a pedestrian who was walking near Dundas Street West and King St. E. He was charged with breach of the peace.

The woman who was shot in May said she was walking home from a grocery store when a man came up to her and asked her to get off the street.

“I said, ‘I’m walking home, I don’t have time to get out of the way,'” she told CBC Toronto.

“And the guy, I guess he was looking for a fight, he looked back at me and I shot him in the head, because he was in the road.”

In July, police shot and killed a man who was wielding a gun outside a home on Queen St. W. after responding to a call of a disturbance.

Police said the man was acting erratically and threatened to kill people in the neighbourhood.

In March, a man was shot and wounded in a downtown Toronto park after police responded after a call about an impaired driver.

He died at the scene.

Toronto has seen an uptick in police-involved shootings in recent years.

Last year, there were 19 police shootings, more than double the previous year, according to Statistics Canada.

There have been a total of 13 fatal police shootings in Toronto this year, compared to four last year.

Police say they’re investigating more than 600 calls about police shootings since January 2017, including one fatal shooting in March that was linked to the police shooting of a man in Etobicoke.

Police are also investigating at least three shootings in which there was no evidence of a crime.

On Tuesday, Toronto police announced they were investigating a report of a shooting on King St., but said no one was injured.

A shooting at a McDonald’s restaurant in the same neighbourhood was reported on June 16.

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